Bingo Mechanics – AAA BINGO BONANZA

  1. Exchange your (1) paid Bingo ticket with two (2) bingo cards at the Bingo Counters located at the sides of SAS Canteen. Bingo Cards distribution Time Start: 1130AM ,  Bingo Proper: 1PM.
  2. Distribution Tables located at the GYM (REGISTRATION AREA). Selling Booth for Additional Bingo Cards.
  3. Lost bingo cards will not be replaced. AAA bingo cards are distributed on 25th June 2016.
  4. Bingo markers are available for sale.
  5. Game #1: Four Corners, Game #2: Letter X, Game #3: Letter L, Game #4: H, Game # 5 Diagonal, Game #6 Diagonal.
  6. Special Game #1: Black Out, Special Game #2:    Each Special Game card is PHP50/card.
  7. You may purchase additional bingo card per game at PHP50 each.
  8. The ball is not official until the letter and number is completely called. The winning Bingo must be on the last number called.
  9. To declare a “BINGO”, the player must prevent the calling of the next ball/number by shouting “BINGO” loud enough to stop the caller. (Sleeper Rule)
  10. Possible Winning cards must be presented to the verifier for validation. Validated cards will be manually verified before being declared a valid “BINGO”.
  11. Once a game is officially closed, no other winning Bingo for the game will be honoured.
  12. Where there are two (2) or more winners, the prize will be divided among the winners. For special games
  13. In case of dispute, the decision of the Bingo organizer is final.
  14. Please claim your cash prize from the Prize Controller: Mr. ERNIE FUERTE; KOKO MARQUEZ and JAJA ETORMA.

Check out our gallery for the photos during this bingo event of ours!!!                   Just click here

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