About Us


That the purpose or purposes for which such association is incorporated are:
1. To foster brotherhood through closer relationship, understanding and cooperation as a family among the members of the Association and that may be able to contribute its share in the development of the individual members in particular, the SAS community and country in general;
2. To provide for a forum for its members to meet, discuss and devise ways and means to enhance the interest of the members in response to the changing times;
3. To encourage self-improvement of the members by enhancing the human, spiritual, cultural, and professional growth and advancement;
4. To provide the members the benefits that may be derived from the use of the common services i.e. funds, facilities and other resources whenever found feasible;
5. To promote such other objectives and purposes analogous or incidental to the above-mentioned purposes and objectives;
6. To raise funds for purposes of undertaking the objectives of the Association;
7. To receive funds, grants and donations in whatever form for purposes of undertaking the objectives of the Association;
8. To recognize members of the Association for their achievements in their respective fields in an appropriate forum;
9. To provide assistance to the less fortunate members of the Association in the most appropriate way possible;
10. To be always an Andrean for God and Country (PRO DEO ET PATRIA)


Our Vision

We see AAA, Inc. as a dynamic, responsive and proactive organization that continually strives to help uplift the economic and social well-being of its academic community.

Our Mission

To strengthen the ties among Andrean alumni regardless of batch, rank and other individual circumstances.

To instill a sense of pride in being an Andrean.

To help uplift the quality of life of the less fortunate Andreans.

To ensure ready-to-assume leaders from the ranks of the alumni, at all times and in all levels.

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